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Cups, Tournaments, Charity & International* Games for the 2013/14 Season

In order to have a Cup, Tournament or any Competition listed on the page, full details must be submitted to Tony Wood at minimum of 4 weeks prior to the start date of the event, for approval.

Your Competition will then be listed here;



Sheffield Rec Tournament 2014 - Tony Boynton -

Swindon Rec Tournament 2014 - Tony Boynton -

Nottigham Masters Tournament 2014 - Tony Boynton -


ALL CUPS AND TOURNAMENTS for the 2013/14 Season require Approveal by Tony Wood.

Please send rules and teams interested to him for approval before commencement

Summer Cup - North 2014

British Hockey Conference 2014

Northern Rec Hockey Cup 2014

Southern Conferance 2014

Midlands Summer Cup 2014

Summer Cup South 2014

Peterborough Flyers Invitational Tournament 2014

Kingston Tournament 2014

Bracknell Summer Classic 2014






* Permissions for International events may incur a fee and will require 4 Weeks notice Minimum